Hannah Barron

My Dad, Jeff Barron, always said that even though he only had one child, he had the best of both worlds raising me—his little girl, as a barefoot, critter chasing, tomboy. I was born and raised in south Alabama, and Daddy has kept me in the woods from the time I was old enough to walk. As a carpenter, Daddy taught me the values of hard work, and how to make a name for myself using what I have to work with. He can build anything with the wood he cuts from his own sawmill. He’s also the best Hunter I know, and I strive to follow his example. We’re both firm believers in the 2nd Amendment, and we know that without it, the rest wouldn’t matter. I’m thankful for the upbringing I had that taught me to stay close to my southern roots and strive in my own individuality. Someday I hope to pass the same traditions my Daddy taught me down to my own children. If you ever see us out in public, make sure to come up and introduce yourself!

Preciate y’all,

Hannah Barron

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